Code First: Girls

CFGdegree Evening Instructor

Join Code First: Girls as they are looking for a CFGdegree Evening Instructor

Code First Girls is looking for committed and experienced developers to become Lead and Assistant instructors for our 16-week, remotely-accessible, evening CFGdegree programme.

● Remote working
● £50 per hour as a Lead / £30 per hour as an Assistant
● Start date (recruiting on a rolling basis for the following starts): May 2023, September 2023
● Part-time

Course outline
The course will run over 16 weeks (including one break) delivering study modules in multiple stages. In the first seven weeks, the students will be doing the foundation level taught through a combination of online classes and practical workshops. Upon successful completion of the foundation course, the students will move to their specialisation subject (Software Engineering, Data, Full Stack Development or Product Management). The course will then be divided into three groups, which would follow three independent syllabi. The course also assumes a number of independent work assignments that will be marked by the tutors and a practical project completed in the last three weeks of the CFGdegree.

What we’re offering
The initial engagement will be a freelance contract for the delivery of our 16-week coding CFGdegree. We offer competitive remuneration in line with your developer and instructor skills. You’d be joining the CFG team on a professional freelance basis, helping to shape our CFGdegree programme, focused on delivering a great product that can help our students make the jump into
their first tech role. Please note that all learning materials, code snippets, exercises, learning packs, slide decks and the complete course syllabus will be supplied to the teaching team. Prior to the course, the team of tutors will participate in a few briefing and practice sessions to align on the curriculum. They also have the opportunity to revise the advanced modules to practice.

What we’re looking for

We will be recruiting a number of coding instructors and tutors to deliver the course and mentor students. We look for a variety of technical skills in our teaching team, therefore will be open to considering candidates who have all-round tech skills, but also those with strengths in a particular area.

General Requirements
+ A UK/IE based developer with 2+ years of experience in a professional setting
+ Strong Python skills (experience writing production code, knowledge of APIs)
+ Good SQL skills (ability to work with databases  and write queries to access data)

+ Strong JavaScript skills (conditions & logics, the DOM, variables, operators)

+ Understanding of a product development lifecycle
+ *Advanced Python skills OR Data analytics experience/understanding  (Pandas, NumPy, etc. packages) OR Web Development (JavaScript, React, TypeScript) OR Product Management (product lifecycles, principles of design, agile and testing)
+ Comfortable troubleshooting installation and software issues on both Windows and Mac machines
+ Experience deploying the code to production
+ Strong presentation skills
+ Ability to work with a group and handle unexpected situations
+ Passion for teaching and mentoring

* Depending on your experiences and skills set you may be asked to deliver either software engineering ordata analysis orfull stack development or product management streams during the specialisation studies stage.

‘Good to have’ requirements
+ Understanding of basic statistics techniques
+ Understanding of basic programming algorithms
+ Understanding of UI/UX Design, and interface planning via wireframing and blueprint design
+ Previous teaching experience (e.g. CFG courses)
+ Previous mentoring experience
+ Previous experience delivering MOOCs or workshops

Roles and responsibilities

As an instructor, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the students develop the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to take what they have learned into their professional tech role. To do this, you will need to:

● Prepare for each lesson
● Deliver our structured curriculum through virtual classroom (Zoom)
● Provide feedback to students on the outcomes of tasks and exercises to ensure they’re learning from mistakes
● Adapt to the learning styles of students to ensure that no one is left behind
● Support students to build their confidence in their own ability to learn and deliver
● Provide support to students as they create their portfolio pieces that demonstrate their understanding of the knowledge and skills they are learning

All classes will occur Monday – Thursday from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm. In total, you will work approx 116-128 hours over the 16 weeks (including core delivery, prep and assessment/homework marking). Our sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom, so you can be based anywhere with good wifi. You will not have to teach on English Bank Holidays and sessions will be shifted accordingly (to Tuesday-Friday, if there is a Bank Holiday Monday, for example).

Inclusivity & Equal Opportunities: we are committed to attracting and recruiting diverse candidates as the CFG team continues to grow. We actively welcome applications from people of colour, applicants with disabilities and from minority groups.

Community Language: we use an inclusive definition of the word ‘women’ when talking about the Code First Girls community, which includes cisgender and transgender women.