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About Us is one of the largest gaming sites in the world and the #1 platform for playing, learning, and enjoying chess.

We are a team of 650+ fully remote people in 60+ countries working hard to serve the global chess community. We are here to support 125M+ chess players worldwide with the best possible product, content, and tools to serve the community!

We are a tech company. A gaming company. A content company. And we do it all with passion and commitment to the game. Above all we prize our mission-driven, flat, life-celebrating, no-corporate culture, and we look forward to meeting you and learning more about what you can bring to the team.

About You

You are passionate about developing social media content that connects and engages people all around the world. You are an expert in developing innovative campaigns that appeal to diverse audiences while maintaining the brand's tone and messaging. You are an expert in crafting compelling content that resonates with target audiences, and your organizational skills ensure that campaigns are executed seamlessly. With a passion for social media and an eye for detail, you are always looking for new and exciting ways to elevate our brand's social media presence.

What You’ll Do

You will be responsible for creating, developing, and publishing social media content that aligns with our brand objectives. You will work with the team to drive engagement to a wide audience. You will manage our social media channels, developing content calendars, creating social media campaigns, and analyzing performance metrics to optimize our social media presence.

  • Actively engage with the Content team in drafting and publishing copy
  • Manage social media platforms to ensure alignment with brand objectives and drive engagement with our target audience
  • Manage social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Create content calendars that align with brand messaging and drive engagement with our target audience
  • Develop and execute social media campaigns that drive engagement and conversions
  • Analyze performance metrics and optimize social media presence based on data-driven insights
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, creative, and PR, to ensure social media strategies align with overall brand goals
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging social media trends and tools to ensure our social media presence is innovative and competitive

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with channel management for major social media platforms
  • Strong understanding of social media content
  • Basic skills with photo and video editing software
  • Fire memes
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills working in a fully distributed team
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility

About the Opportunity

  • This is a full-time position
  • We are 100% remote (always have been, always will be!

You can learn more about us here:

We look forward to meeting you!