Karma Kitchen

Marketing Manager

Sustainable infrastructure provider, looking for it's first marketing hire!

Karma Kitchen is looking for a marketing manager.

We have Three objectives:

  1. Attract the 50 high value clients on our hit list. Make them aware and comfortable with Karma Kitchen, get them to reach out to us.
  2. Turn 30% of our SME direct sales to inbounds driven through marketing.
  3. Build strong hyper local relationships with residents and councils around each of our locations.

Key Characteristics:

  • Believes in the message of KK. Understands our values, comm style and tone.
  • Executor. Hands on and has the skills to deliver an end to end strategy
  • Target driven. You’ve worked to targets before and competitive about hitting them. You care about the money.
  • Curious, interested in the partners, the business and gets involved in the way things work.
  • Strategic, can build a workable strategy and develop the tactics needed to make them work.
  • Team player - ready to work with a diverse range of teams across all the objectives. Can manage everyone’s needs whilst sticking to the core strategy.

Role and Responsibilities

This will be our first marketing hire, so we need someone with experience and core marketing skills who can manage their own schedule, run 360 marketing and eventually guide the strategic development of the marketing team.

  • Be the brand guardian for Karma Kitchen, deploy the brand across all our buildings, policy and comms.
  • Build a Marketing strategy that meets the three objectives we’ve laid out. You need to be able to build and drive the 3 month and annual plan.
  • Deliver excellent ROI on the budget spent to meet those objectives.
  • Bring core marketing skills to the table and be ready to get your hands dirty. The first eight months of this role, you will be delivering campaigns alone, you’ll be executing your own strategy.
  • Coordinate and connect with incredible external agencies.