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Venture Builder (Digital Product Designer )

Founders Factory


Posted over 30 days ago...

Join as a Venture Builder to Co-Create Startups with a Global Impact and Earn Equity in 250+ Ventures


icon Salary

£55000 - £60000

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In-person- Milan Italy

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Expires at anytime

Organisation summary

As an innovative venture builder, our mission is to transform unique ideas into thriving startups. We operate with a co-founder mentality, crafting products that resonate with users and align with our core values. Join us on a journey of entrepreneurship and technology, contributing to a portfolio of over 250 startups and making a tangible impact on the business landscape.

Role Summary

  • Own the end-to-end design process from MVP to market, focusing on customer experience and business vision.
  • Adopt a human-centered approach to building technology businesses, ensuring alignment with customer needs and business objectives.
  • Define and communicate clear visions and purposes for each venture, upholding the company's values.
  • Collaborate with founders, guiding them towards successful Investment Committee decisions.
  • Embrace a learning mindset, proactively seeking feedback and spotting business opportunities.

Role Requirements

  • Experience managing time effectively and driving progress with lean methodologies.
  • A versatile skill set, capable of design, product, and growth tasks, and leveraging internal or freelance expertise as needed.
  • Proficiency in no code/low code solutions to expedite product delivery.
  • Aptitude for problem-solving, creativity, resourcefulness, and validating assumptions.
  • Strong communication skills for team collaboration and progress sharing.
  • Commitment to delivering value across multiple ventures and maintaining effective working relationships with founders.


  • A competitive salary of 55-60K EURO based on experience.
  • Shares in the global FF business, with a growing portfolio of 250+ startups.

As a venture builder, you will operate like a co-founder and help turn possibilities into outcomes. You are an integral part of the businesses we build, building out concepts to create products that users love.

You have a varied skill set and will have demonstrated an interest in tech and entrepreneurship. You will be an advocate for FF’s values and mission and be committed to supporting founders.

💪 Your Responsibilities

Taking ownership of the end-to-end design process, getting an early MVP in market and bringing to life the customer experience and business vision/mission. Having a human-focused approach to building technology businesses, balancing the customer needs and the business requirements Within each venture ensure there is a clear vision and purpose and we are embodying and communicating the values You will be aware of the studio stage gates and support the founders in working towards a positive IC decision Prioritise learning. Ask the right questions and seek feedback when needed Spotting opportunities by taking a keen interest in the business landscape

🎯 Required skills, competencies and experience

Managing your time and driving momentum by subscribing to lean methodologies. You will use tools and methods that help move faster and with confidence  You will wear multiple hats ie design, product and growth. You will be responsible for pulling in skillsets (internal or freelance) where you feel expertise is needed You will be capable of producing no code/low code solutions to help get product in users hands quickly Be solution-focused - make sense of a problem space by proposing and trying solutions. You can think creatively and are resourceful. Communicating your ideas, progress and learnings to the team, seeking feedback when needed. Sometimes you might need to treat requirements as assumptions and validate them. You have the ability to deliver value across the ventures you work on You will set the expectations with the founder/s around a working relationship and ensure that you maintain good working communication throughout the build phase 

👌 We value

Quick thinking and intuition, someone who can balance creativity with objective data A passion for creating products people love, caring about product performance is key The ability to adapt and operate in an ambiguous environment Comfortable with taking risks Wanting to continuously improve your skills and productivity, challenging yourself when you can  Strong leadership that drives outcomes  Being approachable and optimistic 

Compensation for this role is: 55-60K EURO (depending on experience), plus shares in the global FF business (that's a growing portfolio of 250+ startups!)


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