Academy of Robotics

Academy of Robotics

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Who we are...

We are a technology company with an extraordinary technical team of engineers, scientists, and researchers. We specialise in creating technology to perform or simplify complex tasks.

We combine the best techniques from machine learning and mechatronics to build powerful self-adapting machines and task specific artificial intelligence.

We are currently working on Kar-go one of the worlds first autonomous delivery car vehicles being tested in Wales and the Streets of London, UK.

Our ethos...

We believe in forever pursing perfection, always looking at ways to improve processes, design better algorithms and develop better systems.

We apply this to everything we do, from the machines we build, to user experience of those who would interact with them.

We are currently on a quest to build the best autonomous delivery vehicle in the world, addressing one of the biggest problems in logistics today - The last mile delivery problem.

Behind the scenes