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About us

Our mission is to plant 1 billion trees a year to counter industrial scale destruction of global forests from lumber, mining, agriculture, and urban expansion.

Natural and anthropogenic causes destroy 26 billion trees each year and we believe that industrial scale deforestation can only be tackled with industrial scale reforestation.

What we do includes...

Integrated survey and analysis

By capturing and analysing data on ecosystems we are better able to monitor them over time and make decisions about how to manage planting and maintenance activities. We collect both high resolution drone data as well as satellite imagery that can support trend analysis.

  • Surface topology and slope angles
  • Biodiversity area classification
  • Plant health indices
  • Weed assessments
  • Trend analysis

SK.AI analytics platform

The SKAI platform is designed to integrate the monitoring and actuation to enable efficient planning and communication of results. All mapped areas and planting or spreading activities are stored in the one place for efficient management of ecosystems.

  • Analytics
  • Planning
  • Results

Accessible spreading and spraying

The information gathered from the mapping phase is processed to create an optimised planting pattern over the area of interest. Planting patterns can be automatically generated to match native species to specific areas. Natural planting patterns can be programmed in to the drone which records all planting areas carried out. For herbicide and fertiliser application, targeted application can be programmed in.

  • Multi-species carrying capacity: Yes
  • Can operate on slopes and hillsides: Yes
  • Broad area coverage: Yes
  • Spot spraying: Yes

Biodegradable seedpods

Wetland restoration has the potential to sequester carbon at rapid rates. The BCE pod is fully biodegradable, designed to ensure seed penetration to minimise tidal impact on germination

  • Designed to biodegrade in moist soils
  • Can carry multiple seed types and sizes
  • Scalable for challenging planting conditions

Behind the scenes