Education for the Children

Education for the Children

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We're an NGO working to break the cycle of poverty in Jocotenango, Guatemala, through education and empowerment.


Children and young people from impoverished backgrounds are provided with quality education and empowered to become motivated, confident and employable.

Moving on to further education and rewarding employment will improve their quality of life and help them break free from the cycle of poverty that has blighted generations in this area. They will become leaders of change in their communities and inspire future generations.


Breaking the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment.

EFTC works in partnership with disadvantaged families, children and young adults in Guatemala, Central America to ensure they develop the tools they need to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Children and young adults from backgrounds of poverty will be educated and empowered to make positive choices for themselves and their families.

The Foundation has a school in Jocotenango, Guatemala: an urban area where extreme poverty, gang crime, domestic violence and alcoholism are everyday realities. Food, healthcare, counselling and career guidance at the school remove obstacles to education and enable these students to realise their potential.

Over 600 children and young adults study with EFTC in Guatemala.

EFTC’s School of Hope was the very first non-profit school in Guatemala to have a fully bilingual program [Spanish/English]. Our students have the best possible start in life and a real chance to compete with graduates from more privileged backgrounds.

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