Careers at Hiive

Hiive is a professional network for creative people:

It is a digital community for collaborators from the creative

industries all across the UK

It has attracted 85000 registers members since launching in March 2015 a figure which is growing rapidly

Hiive is industry led:

Hiive is backed by Creative Skillset the industry skills body for

the creative industries

Creative Skillset both works with and empowers the creative

industries to develop skills and talent by providing investment for

individuals and businesses to grow

Hiive exists to kick start creative connections with jobs courses knowledge and people:

It allows creative to ask questions and get answers from peers with

the job title they want next

It allows them to join groups of like-minded creatives on projects

and events throughout the UK Hiive Swarms

It enables creative to connect their skills to opportunities. Hiive

is set to become the most wide ranging source of creative industries

vacancies with over 11200+ courses listed already

Hiive supports the continued development of the UK's creative economy:

The UK's creative industries are worth £76.9 billion per year to

the UK economy a staggering £8.8 million every hour

The creative industries showed growth of almost 10% in 2012

outperforming all other sectors of the UK industry

They also accounted for 1.68 million jobs in 2102 5.6% of UK jobs

Hiive was set up to ensure that the right framework is in place to

nurture and support the industry giving creative professionals a

place to connect collaborate and grow

Hiive is not-for-profit

About us

We are the UK-wide strategic skills body that works with employers, individuals, trade associations, unions, learning and training providers, Government and its public agencies and other key organisations to ensure that the UK's Creative Industries have continued access now, and in the future, to the skills and talent they require.

We support skills and training for people and businesses to ensure the UK Creative Industries maintain their world class position. We do this by influencing and shaping policy, ensuring quality and by securing the vital investment for individuals to become the best in their field and for businesses to grow.

Our work includes:

  • Investment - managing a range of training funds raised from the industry and Government aimed at delivering solutions for skills development
  • Training - we inform and influence the development of qualifications for the competitive benefit of the Creative Industries. We do this through schemes, like our Tick accreditation courses, available across educational establishments, from diplomas to degrees and for industry apprenticeships
  • Careers - we try to ensure those entering the industry are well prepared by offering high quality and realistic careers information 
  • Research - we look at the size and shape of the creative industries, understanding the needs of employers and the workforce, investigating existing training provision and scoping out future needs

Behind the scenes