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I Can Make Shoes

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I Can Make Shoes is a privately run shoemaking school based in London. We teach beginners the craft of shoemaking with the focus on broadening the shoemaking industry into the at home craft space. With this in mind we don't use any heavy machinery and leave people with the skills to make their own shoes from home.

ICMS has been dominating this space for the past 9 years and is now expanding into online courses and publications.

You'll be working with a team of badass women who are all about good vibes and supporting eachother, we really pride outside on our team morale. We have regular team meetings where we discuss what we can be doing better. Our core values are to passionately create happiness; communicate thoughtfully and constructively; and to make a big impact.

We've worked with companies such as Adidas, ASOS, River Island, The V&A, and many many more.

We're on track to become a significant part of the footwear education system over the next 5 years and are hunting for people as ambitious as we are to join the team.

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