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Luminary Bakery

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To empower the UK’s most disadvantaged women to gain employment and independence through training, support and community, using baking as a tool.

- Providing exceptional training & support programmes that afford women with the tools she needs to change her future. - Offering opportunities into the ‘world of work’ by being an understanding and empowering employer and acting as a bridge for a woman to start her career. - Producing beautiful, artisanal baked goods that make a difference & tell a story. - Creating welcoming, community cafes with excellent quality products that engage the wider community by enabling them to ‘purchase with purpose’.

We are an ambitious and driven team, with a desire to create as many employment opportunities for women as we can. We are committed to building a diverse team, and seek to be representative of those we are supporting, so we would especially like to hear from from applicants who are from racially minoritised groups in the UK.

Stats we are proud of

  • 138

    Women supported to date

  • 100%

    of our trainees have experience gender based violence

  • 2770

    Hours of paid work for women created in 2021

  • 30%

    (approx) of our workforce is women we have trained

Behind the scenes