Careers at PARiM

PARiM is a leading professional staff management solution used by more than 50 000 users every day.

We offer three different switch on/off self-service portals for management, staff and clients. As well as Android and iOS mobile applications. This detail-oriented approach gives our offering a breadth of features and speed that thousands of working professionals appreciate in their daily routine.

The solution fills a gap in the HR market place where no solution exists that allows the interaction from your client companies. This is especially useful when your organisation provides human resources as part of your business offering.

This unique feature allowing client access gives your organisation a unique selling point, improves customer relations, assists in winning more business and reduces costs associated with general HR planning and management.

If your company supplies human resources to clients as a service then PARiM is for you. Typical PARiM users are: facilities management companies,security firms,contract cleaners, contract maintenance and the like.

Behind the scenes