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About us: Prism the Gift Fund (Prism) is a UK registered charity, that administers the giving of individuals, foundations and groups of donors making significant gifts to charities all over the world. Prism’s mission is to increase the flow of funds into the charity sector by creating efficiencies wherever it can. Prism had income of over £90 million and distributed over £50 million last year. Prism provides services to philanthropic, high net worth individuals and families, who open Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) as a time, cost and tax effective alternative to having a Foundation. DAFs are “Own Name Foundation” accounts within Prism. These act as a tax effective UK hub for their giving, without the ongoing set up costs associated with establishing a standalone charitable structure. Prism remove the administrative burden by ensuring that donors are claiming all the relevant UK tax reliefs and by alleviating the responsibility of correctly running a charity that abides by UK charity law and compliance regulations. Prism’s clients are able to gift shares and property, but most commonly contribute cash to their accounts, which comes with the best-known UK charitable tax relief: Gift Aid. Prism also operates an innovative philanthropy vehicle called the Collective Fund. A Collective Fund is aimed at individuals and groups who are raising funds for a specific issue/ cause area. Prism remove the obstacles involved with setting up a standalone charity. The service appeals to those who are new to the charity sector, have a new idea or simply don’t have the time to run their own charity in the UK. Prism also act as outsourced administrators to a number of grant-making Foundations who require support, but not necessarily full-time staff or their own offices. Prism’s ethos is swift, personable, flexible and efficient. Prism offers a high level of personal service whereby each client has a dedicated Relationship Manager. Prism offers a bespoke philanthropy services to help realise individual’s and group’s philanthropic vision.

Stats we are proud of

  • £90m

    of funds raised in 2019 for the charity sector

  • 0.88m

    reusable, washable cotton face masks for Rohingya refugees

  • 0.45m

    meals made by With Compassion in first 3 months of Covid

  • £52m

    of distributed funds in 2019 to charities worldwide

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