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Trajectory Theatre

Careers at Trajectory Theatre

Trajectory Theatre's charitable purpose is to advance public education and appreciation of the immersive digital arts, in particular Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality by: 

the production, exhibition and presentation of new creative works;  the provision of training to the public including arts professionals in order to promote and sustain best standards in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality art.

Trajectory Theatre was formed in 2015, creating our first VR work – Phase 1 and touring it until mid-2017. In 2018 we created the first version of Circus In A Bottle. 2019 saw the start of our community work, hosting a number of events in London for people interested in making immersive technology content.  Our charity status was confirmed in December and we are starting 2020 with an exciting strategy. Making these plans a reality will require further funding and strategic development.

Behind the scenes