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I'm Toby, currently a Groundsman, looking after sports pitches, not hedge funds..! I'm looking for a place that's full of life and passion, where I can learn and make a difference. I want to achie...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I am a Management consultant, entrepreneur, avid traveller and an amateur beekeeper. I am working on a business venture and would love to share my insights and take inputs.
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Outdoortraining At Its Best-We practice teambuilding on sailing boats, in luxury alpine huts ... #Coaching #Teamcoaching #Teambuilding #Segeln #Teamentwicklung
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I just graduated with a Bachelor's in Mathematics, looking for career exeprience and opportunities abroad. I am outgoing, excited to learn new skills and be immersed to new cultures. Studied abroad...
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Shameless plug but they can temporarily escape the city by using our service or getting their company to use our service. We are going to hire an experience person in H1 next year and one of the ba...
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New Member
Digital NInja looking to gain new skills and take on new adventures.
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I am a passionate young adult with a degree in Finance and Banking and a focus on the Financial Planning Certification. I believe in social media and personal financial management. I currently work...
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New Member
Start up hopeful and seasoned management consultant. Co-Founder at @boardshortscom. Studied at @UCLA.
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Hi, I have over 25 years experiance in private business incluging retail, real estate management and vending. I am looking for job oportunities in finance and am open to any location. Presently I a...
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New Member
I am a digital publishing professional whose roles have always varied between digital strategy, web architecture and copywriting. I'm looking to consolidate my skills and craft a role for myself as...
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What is coaching? A GPS or Air-bag? Boris Poluhoff & Associates is a leading coaching and advisory company in São Paulo - Brazil. The best choice for executive coaching in the Brazilian corporate ...
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New Member
Hello, I am a Turkish qualified lawyer with 5 years of exeriance in an international law firm. I am looking for job opportunities that have stronger social sides to them in Turkey or abroad. I am...
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