Sail Caribbean

Mate/Social Media Coordinator

Since 1979, we've empowered thousands of teens and college age students who join our summer adventure camps to experience learning, leadership & personal growth.

Mates at Sail Caribbean sail on their home boat with teenagers aboard 50′ sloops or 43′ catamarans in the British Virgin and Leeward Islands.

Mates assist the Captain in leading students through all aspects of the program including sailing, instruction of curriculum, shipboard life (meals, cleaning, etc.), land and water activities, time management, and group living. Group living is a part of the Sail Caribbean experience and can be the most meaningful for our students. Mates assist in the facilitation of group dynamics onboard and planning of activities that challenge students.

Candidates must be very energetic and enthusiastic about working with teenagers and must have experience doing so. Instructing skills must be outstanding and should be approached with creativity. This position is rigorous but very rewarding and requires a strong dedication to our students and the goals of the program. To help ensure a varied learning experience, mates regularly rotate onto different boats in the fleet while still living on their home boat. It is our goal at Sail Caribbean to train our mates to become Captains.

In addition to all other responsibilities and requirements of the Mate position, Mate/Social Media Coordinator.

Although there may be thousands of miles between parents and students, at Sail Caribbean we pride ourselves on keeping everyone connected. With the simple click of a mouse, parents, relatives and friends are kept informed, receiving daily updates and photos, detailing news from their son/daughter’s program and in turn learning about their experience with us.

The ideal candidate will be excited about the opportunity to be our “correspondent in the field” that can contribute unique and relevant content to our social media efforts, and our off-season sales and marketing efforts. The position will be primarily water-based, with overnight visits to our home base office on Tortola for a quiet and calm work environment away from fleet from time to time.

Requirements: Interested candidates must submit work samples in addition to resume, cover letter and references

  • At least 2 years of college
  • Experience with various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Strong writing skills
  • Familiarity with basic photo and video editing as it pertains to social media
  • Strong communication skills
  • Innovative and excited to collaborate, generate ideas, problem-solve, and seek professional and personal growth
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Office including Excel and Word
  • WordPress experience is a plus
  • The ideal candidate also has an interest in outdoor and adventure education, sailing, marine science, ocean conservation, or teen leadership development