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Mrs Wordsmith

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Our mission is to illustrate the 10,000 words that matter to academic success so children fall in love with learning. We are applying machine learning and Hollywood visuals to improve literacy in young people.

Mrs Wordsmith is a venture backed EdTech start up with a unique vocabulary programme for children to develop comprehension, writing and analytical skills to help them succeed in school. We have worked with linguistic experts from Cambridge University and award winning artists behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania to illustrate the 10,000 challenging words children need to learn by the age of 17 to boost writing ability and reading age.

Our Mission & Vision

Mrs Wordsmith is on a mission to illustrate the English language, so kids fall in love with words and with learning.

Stats we are proud of

  • $13M+

    received in funding.

  • 10K

    key words children need to learn by 17.

Behind the scenes