Careers at SafeBoda

Motorcycle taxis are immensely popular and serve as the lifeblood of many cities in Africa, but they are extremely unsafe and disorganized. SafeBoda is a startup on a mission to make motorcycle taxis (bodas) more safe, affordable, and convenient across Sub-Saharan Africa—while providing a more meaningful and lucrative career for drivers. And we think we have a shot to build a very valuable tech company in the process. SafeBoda is growing fast with our mobile app in terms of completed rides in Kampala, Uganda. We are venture backed with investors from Silicon Valley, UK, Africa and Asia and we have high ambitions to scale our solution rapidly across East and West Africa.

Behind the scenes


  • Mission Driven

    Contribute to our mission, scale with a rapidly growing startup, with lots of opportunity for growth

  • Competitive Salary

    We offer generous salaries, based on experience.

  • Stock Options

    Get the opportunity to own part of the company!

  • Free Transport

    Access to free SafeBoda transport!

  • Free Lunch

    There is such a thing!