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New Member
4 years at an arcade futures trading, 3 years at an option market maker. Finished with CFA exams. Trying to get to grips with coding, tho early days. Involved with partners in launching http://www....
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New Member
Hi, I work in Malawi, Africa and currently I am the General Manager of a Large Meat Processing Plant in the capital city. I am looking for someone to come in and help with the production and mark...
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New Member
In 2012 I decided to "escape" my corporate job and get some entrepreneurial experience. I started with a passion project in gourmet coffee called "Le Coffee Guy" which is an online specialist coffe...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Business Development Manager with 6 years experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in small technology or internet businesses, preferably start-ups in northern Germany. I al...
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New Member
Hi, I'm looking for opportunities and adventures that will take me anywhere in the world outside of a cubicle. I have experience in Finance, Sales, and early stage marketing for start ups. Feel ...
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New Member
Hello everyone! Im a studying Master in Management in London and I am looking for new international job opportunities in which I can apply my business background in a creative industry (fashion, ar...
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New Member
Hi there lovely people! I'm a City Analyst and Account Manager for an online Marketing Company. I'm looking for new experiences and challenges in life. I love working with people, and am seeking to...
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New Member
I am a graphic designer and art director, with a passion for food / nutrition advocacy. I know that my expertise as a designer & online marketer have potential - I'd love to work abroad! -- What ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a consultant with four years experience in strategy and political consulting from Germany. I’m looking for job opportunities in social enterprises or internet start-ups worldwide. ...
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New Member
I am currently a Support Worker for vulnerable adults. I previously worked for a charity helping offenders and addicts. I have experience in Fundraising, Communications, Campaigns, Research and hav...
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New Member
Big Four employee. Exercise and dance music fanatic. Lover of pic and mix and socialising.
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New Member
I´m Esther a female entrepreneur from Germany. Currently I´m building a platform for flexible work opportunities that is directed primarily to women. I´m interested to connect with other female ent...
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