Welcome to The Escape Cafe







Old Street Station, London.


A place to work, hatch plans, share skills, connect, get inspired
and wake yourself up from the daily grind.


Waking up the working world one coffee at a time.

What’s on at The Escape Cafe?

Meet Escapees

Come and meet people who have already Escaped…

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Taylor Street Coffee + Escape Brands

Serving up London’s finest coffee, sandwiches, delicious snacks and some of our favourite Escape startups including: Ugly Drinks, Doisy & Dam, and Moju Drinks.

Co-working & Events

Weekly events (see below) on escaping, starting a business and how to find work that matters to you.

Co-working daily.

Cafe available for hire for groups of up to 30 for evenings and weekends.

Location: Old Street Station, Exit 2

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 7pm, Monday – Friday

Events at The Escape Cafe:


Escape Cafe: Community Night

Escapees unite! Come and share your latest projects, adventures and plans and connect with others plotting escapes…

Mon 22nd May, 7pm

Tickets: £10


How to work remotely

How realistic and easy is it to pack your bags and laptop and work as your travel the world? Come and meet those who have done it.

Thurs 25th May, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10

The Escape Cafe, London


How to Build an Impact Career

Many of us want to have a more positive social or environmental impact through our work – tonight we’ll talk about how to do it with those that have.

Mon 5th June, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10

The Escape Cafe, London

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