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Old Street Station, London.


A place to work, hatch plans, share skills, connect, get inspired
and wake yourself up from the daily grind.


Waking up the working world one coffee at a time.

What’s on at The Escape Cafe?

Meet Escapees

Come and meet people who have already Escaped…

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Taylor Street Coffee + Escape Brands

Serving up London’s finest coffee, sandwiches, delicious snacks and some of our favourite Escape startups including: Ugly Drinks, Doisy & Dam, and Moju Drinks.

Co-working & Events

Weekly events (see below) on escaping, starting a business and how to find work that matters to you.

Co-working daily.

Cafe available for hire for groups of up to 30 for evenings and weekends.

Location: Old Street Station, Exit 2

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 7pm, Monday – Friday

Events at The Escape Cafe:


Startup Sessions: How to choose the right business idea

Whether you’re already set on an idea, have none at all, or far too many – in this intensive workshop we’ll look at what makes a good business idea and how to know what you should move forward with.


Tues 20th June, 6:30-9:30pm

Tickets: £50-65

The Escape Cafe, London

Marketing Masterminds For Startups

We’re hosting The Think Collective’s Mastermind lunches for startup founders looking to share knowledge, and discuss their trickiest marketing dilemmas. Come along to share your projects and business goals with other founders and learn from their experiences.

Fri 23rd June, 12:30-2pm

Tickets: Free

The Escape Cafe, London

How To Escape Into: Food & drink

With so many innovative food businesses coming to the scene, how do you make sure yours breaks into the market? And how can you work for them? Join us and food business founders from Moju, Doisy & Dam and more to hear how they’ve done it.


Mon 26th June, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10-15

The Escape Cafe, London

Startup Sessions: Design a first version of your business

You have a problem you want to solve and a solution in your mind. Now we need to design the first version of your idea. In this intensive evening workshops we’ll show you how to map out your assumptions, talk to your potential customers, and get into the nitty gritty of business models.

Tues 27th June, 6:30-9:30pm

Tickets: £50-65

The Escape Cafe, London


Startup Sessions: Get your business online

The main focus for this workshop will be on getting you set up with all the tools at your disposal to build your first website. We’ll show you how to quickly (and for virtually zero cost) build: landing pages, e-commerce shop, brand & logo, social media channels, and online forms & surveys.


Mon 3rd July, 6:30-9:30pm

Tickets: £50-65

The Escape Cafe, London

How To Build Your Personal Pitch

Whether introducing yourself at a networking event, meeting your dream employer or presenting your big idea, the way you pitch yourself can have make or break implications. The Escape Cafe are hosting SkillsGym for an evening to give you the tools and confidence to nail your personal pitch when looking for a career change or to start your own thing.

Tues 4th July, 6:30-9:30pm

Tickets: £10-15

The Escape Cafe, London

Philosophical Speed Dating

Ready to be inspired by fellow humans? Ready to be surprised? Ready to learn from someone new? While this event is in the format of “speed dating”, you can be of any relationship status to attend. As long as you have a curious and open mind, it’s for you. We’ll be hosting a curiosity filled evening in the format of speed dating, with questions designed to provoke and inspire better thinking.

Thurs 6th July, 7:00-9:30pm

Tickets: £15

The Escape Cafe, London

How To Build An Impact Career

Do you want to do work that makes a more positive impact? We’re getting together to explore what an escape into social and environmental impact work looks like. Particularly now that, more than ever, change makers need to be better supported to face global challenges.


Tues 11th July, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10-15

The Escape Cafe, London

How To Escape Into: Adventure

Ever thought about doing something brave, bold, memorable? But swiftly abandoned the idea – because that’s crazy, no..? We’ve asked some of the most exciting people we know who’ve turned their craving for adventure into their full time career to come along and share their tales of the weird, wonderful and unexpected.

Monday 17th July, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10-15

The Escape Cafe, London

How To Escape Into: Yoga & wellness

Thinking of making an escape into the world of wellness?Join us to hear from Abigail McLachlan, owner of East of Eden, and Katarina Rayburn, yoga teacher and founder of Wild and Rayburn Retreats. They’ll be sharing how they’ve done it and their advice on cracking the industry.


Mon 24th July, 7-9pm

Tickets: £10-15

The Escape Cafe, London

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